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One-to-One conversation lessons

Conversation lessons with a native speaker offer the best opportunity to correct mistakes when speaking English and allow the student to perfect their English speaking skills with results starting from the very first lesson. All conversation lessons are based on a theme.

15 €

Online (Skype, etc.): One-to-One conversation lessons!

  • 60 minutes

One-to-One lessons from a coursebook!

Using a coursebook we can build your English skills. You will learn new grammar and vocabulary in a structured way and also improve your speaking and listening skills.

18 €

Online (Skype, etc.): One-to-One lessons from a coursebook! (Price includes free coursebook after 4 paid lessons)

  • 60 Minutes

One-to-One lessons for English Maturity exams!

Using a Maturity coursebook for themes we can build on your needs. You will use the grammar and vocabulary that you have learned in school to practice your speaking skills, etc. Learning with a native English speaker is the perfect choice when practicing for Maturity exams!

15 €

  • 60 Minutes

Face-to-face Lessons in Bratislava at your home or place of work!

Lessons in Bratislava are available during the daytime (08:30 - 15:30).

25 €

(Price is for a group of one or two students, one free coursebook after 3 paid lessons)

  • 60 Minutes
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